Building Systems Management as a Service

Dmitry Sotnikov

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Dmitry Sotnikov's Blog Overall, very exciting times, and a great event put together by the folks at SYS-CON! There was a lot of excitement and optimism throughout the event. As someone put it: cloud computing is about 700 days old. That means that there are a lot of arguments about definitions, and where things are going, and so on. And that also gives a lot of vibe and a lot of fresh community spirit. Below are my notes from all the sessions I attended at the last week’s Cloud Computing Expo 2008 on: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 A few general comments on the conference. First and foremost, cloud computing is happening. There was a lot of excitement and optimism throughout the event. And frankly this was quite contrasting to the SOA keeping talking about whether SOA is getting anywhere, how to justify SOA projects, whether it is a journey or a destination, and so on. This was... (more)

Quest OnDemand Goes Live

Systems Management as a Service (is there an acronym for this yet?) is finally becoming a reality. Today at Microsoft Professional Developer Conference we have announced beta launch of Quest OnDemand our online IT management services. This is one of the projects which have been consuming most of my time for the last year so I am extremely excited that we reached this roadmap. We demoed one of the services – our Active Directory backup and recovery (Quest Recovery Manager OnDemand for Active Directory) – on stage at PDC (will hopefully be able to post a link to the recording in a coup... (more)

Details on Quest OnDemand

Ben Riga posted a video recording with a fairly detailed discussion we had at Microsoft PDC about Quest OnDemand (Quest’s Systems Management as a Service offering). One thing I could not help noticing is how the UI of the service itself changed between this shooting in November and the way it looks today. I guess this is a testimony of how SaaS model lets vendors innovate fast. In that discussion we have covered quite a few topic which I hope you will find interesting: What is Systems Management as a Service and how it is different from all other *aaS offerings, How SaaS can inc... (more)

Cloud or On-Premise: Which is more secure?

It bugs me that for some irrational reason there is still a common-sense believe that data is more protected when kept in someone’s own datacenter and not with a trusted cloud provider. US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has just published data on past year data breaches in the medical industry. These only include breaches affecting 500 or more individuals and reaching the “harm” threshold defined by the current rules. Yet, there 166 of those affecting the total of 4,905,768 patients. does a good job analyzing the breach data, and you can see that e... (more)

Self-Hosting vs Cloud-Hosting Costs

Is there hard ROI to use a cloud IaaS instead of a server in your garage/basement/on-premise datacenter? I think there increasingly is and justifying self-hosting is getting increasingly tough. I would actually go as far as posit that  you can now get a server in a public datacenter at price comparable to your electricity bill alone! If you don’t believe me – let’s do a quick math. Mark Kolich noticed in his blog that the server he had running at his home was consuming 220 W, which at the consumer electricity costs of 12-cents per kWh means: 0.220 kWh * 12 cents = 2.64 cents per ... (more)